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Close Corporate Tax Loopholes

As Mainers adapt to the “new normal” and pull together to put our state back to work, our elected officials are facing tough questions about how we balance the state budget: 



Should we lay off teachers and first responders or should we make out-of-state corporations and the top 1% pay their fair share to balance the state budget? 


Should we give property tax relief to hardworking Mainers or a $5,000,000 loophole to corporations to hide profits overseas? 

Fortunately, there are better solutions. We can start by taking back bad tax cuts, closing corporate loopholes, and raising revenue by making sure the top 1% pays their fair share rather than raising property taxes on hardworking Mainers.   

Take Action on Corporate Tax Loopholes

There are lots of big multinational corporations that do business in Maine but don’t pay their fair share for the use of our roads, our hard workers and our resources. Some of these corporations use a loophole that rewards them for hiding their profits overseas. 


Ask your elected officials to please take back the tax cut and close the loophole generating upwards of $5,000,000 for the state.  

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