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Paid Family & Medical Leave

Our lawmakers approved a historic Paid Family and Medical Leave Benefits Program in Maine. Starting in 2026, employees can take up to 12-weeks of paid leave to tend to a sick or dying loved one, care for a newborn, or recover from their own health challenges.

This will ensure that working Mainers are able to care for themselves or a sick family member without missing out on a paycheck.


“A Paid leave program fills in the gaps to make sure people don’t lose their financial security when the worst happens.”


— Assistant Majority Leader Daughtry

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Our communities and workplaces thrive when our families are healthy

The first few months of life are a critical time. Families with access to paid leave have newborns with better health outcomes, reduced stress, and lower rates of infant death.

Returning home, Veterans and their families often struggle to maintain stable income. Access to paid leave can help relieve stress and reduce risks of suicide. 

One in six Mainers is caring for an adult family member.  When we care for each other, family members recover from illness faster and have shorter hospital stays.

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