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Protecting Our Democracy

When Gov. Janet Mills signed LD 1690, Maine embraced a historic measure that expands voter access to absentee ballots, which allows voters to request their ballot via mail and cast it outside a polling place.


All registered voters are now eligible to receive their ballot automatically and no longer need to go out of their way to solicit one. This is huge, as greater access to ballots encourages civic engagement and strengthens our democracy.

And there’s still work to be done.

Should we give property tax relief to hardworking Mainers or a $10,000,000 loophole to corporations to hide profits overseas? 



This might sound like a joke, but these are real tradeoffs that our elected officials are discussing.


Solution 1: Property tax relief for hardworking Mainers 


Solution 2: Don’t let corporations hide their profits overseas

Should we lay off teachers and first responders or should we make out-of-state corporations and the top 1% pay their fair share to balance the state budget? 

Fortunately, there are better solutions. We can start by taking back bad tax cuts, closing corporate loopholes, and raising revenue by making sure the top 1% pays their fair share. 

Take Action on Property Taxes

We’re not going to help hardworking families get back on their feet after the economic earthquake of COVID-19 by cranking up their property taxes.


Ask your elected officials to please consider lowering property taxes for hardworking Mainers anytime our state has a budget surplus. Whenever there is a budget surplus, a fixed percentage would deliver much-needed relief to hardworking Mainers.

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