Mainers are being required to give up their right to sue their employers in the event of wrongdoing and instead having to agree to forced arbitration upon being hired. This is a direct assault on workers rights here in Maine, and a new bill, LD 1693 could end this practice. Read the bill here.

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More than 250 companies who do business in Maine have their employees sign away their rights to sue. Mainers who face harassment and discrimination at the workplace deserve better. It is time to ensure a working environment where employee rights are respected and protected.

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We traveled across the state to talk with folks about what guaranteed overtime benefits would mean to them. Their message to our lawmakers in Augusta is clear: Mainers are overworked and underpaid. It's time to do something about it.

Join us in calling on our legislators to support a new law that would give nearly 30,000 Mainers a raise. Sign here to take action:

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