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Paid Family & Medical Leave

Mainers need Paid Family & Medical Leave

Mainers need Paid Family & Medical Leave

Whether you’re caring for a newborn or for an ailing parent or grandparent, Mainers work hard and have earned the ability to look after their families when they’re needed most.

Our communities and workplaces thrive when our families are healthy. It’s time to ensure hardworking  Mainers have paid family & medical leave

The first few months of life are a critical time. Families with access to paid leave have newborns with better health outcomes, reduced stress, and lower rates of infant death.

Returning home, Veterans and their families often struggle to maintain stable income. Access to paid leave can help relieve stress and reduce risks of suicide. 

One in six Mainers is caring for an adult family member.  When we care for each other, family members recover from illness faster and have shorter hospital stays.

A robust Paid Family and Medical Leave program in Maine would guarantee at least 12 weeks of leave for Mainers to get better if they get seriously sick, to care for an ill family member, to welcome a new child, and to take care of our military family needs.

Take Action

Right now, what’s in place just isn't enough. It's never been clearer how important paid leave is for keeping our families, communities, and workplaces healthy and strong.

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