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  • Caitlin DeLuca

A budget that benefits us all

The Maine State Legislature and Governor Janet Mills came together to pass a sweeping bipartisan budget that will provide historic investment in Maine and its people.

The $8.5 billion budget makes good on a nearly two-decades-old commitment to fund 55 percent of K-12 education costs – the original referendum was passed in 2004, and this will mark the first time that Maine hits this threshold. By increasing the state’s share of education funding, this will reduce municipal budgets and help lower property taxes all over Maine.

The budget will also provide one-time $300 hazard pay to most Maine workers and fund full revenue sharing between the state and our cities, towns and municipalities. Revenue sharing is a way for the state to help pay the costs for essential services for municipalities, since they are not allowed to levy local sales taxes. When revenue sharing was lowered to just 2 percent under Gov. LePage’s administration, the only way to pay for these services was through property taxes. Fully funding revenue sharing will provide much-needed relief to Mainers who have dealt with increasing property taxes.

Other major highlights from the budget include further investments in:


  • Increasing investment in higher education to prevent tuition hikes

  • Increasing capital investments so schools can make critical health and safety upgrades

  • Providing free school breakfast and lunch for every student

  • Increasing investment in career and technical education

Property Tax Relief

  • Expanding the Property Tax Fairness Credit to over 80,000 Mainers

  • Expanding the homesteading tax credit

Supporting Working Mainers, Vulnerable Mainers, and Seniors:

  • Expanding dental care for 217,000 Mainers

  • Increasing support to senior living facilities

  • Raising wages for direct care workers

  • Increasing support to Mainers with intellectual disabilities

  • Investing in community treatment options for substance use disorder

Natural Resources

  • Protecting Maine’s natural beauty by investing in conservation efforts

We’re grateful to our lawmakers on both sides of the aisle for coming together to enact meaningful change – from the environment, to healthcare, to property tax relief, to education, this budget will benefit Mainers for years to come!

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