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  • Quinn Malter

Celebrating Maine’s Healthcare Achievements

This month marks three years since Governor Mills vastly expanded Medicaid in the state of Maine. On her first day in office, Governor Mills signed an executive order that made Medicaid available to an additional 90,000 Mainers.

“Maine people knew that expanding health care was not only the right thing to do for our people, but it was also the right thing to do for our economy,” Governor Mills said in response to the milestone. “My Administration will continue to fight for more accessible and affordable health care.”

Nearly one in ten people in Maine have accessed healthcare through MaineCare, the state’s Medicaid program, in the past three years, making preventive care, emergency care, and prescription drugs more affordable. These measures have been especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic because these funds also reduce operating costs for hospitals.

And expanding Medicaid was just the beginning for our leaders in Augusta:

  • In 2019, Governor Mills and the Legislature codified protections for pre-existing conditions into law, meaning insurers cannot charge more for or deny coverage to those with cancer, asthma, diabetes, or other chronic ailments.

  • In 2020, Maine leaders passed the Made for Maine Health Coverage Act. This law simplifies access to health insurance for individuals and small businesses while also reducing or eliminating costs for common health visits.

  • In 2021, Maine established a statewide health insurance marketplace. allows people to compare and choose from plans uniquely designed for Mainers and further expands healthcare coverage. Open enrollment through CoverME is available through January 15.

Mainers for Working Families commends our leaders in the Maine Legislature and Governor Mills for their efforts to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. Every Mainer deserves quality healthcare they can afford.

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22. Jan. 2022

Thank you Gov. Mills..just signed on..Looking forward to all the good news! Thank you for all the work you do for us..God Bless..

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