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  • Caitlin DeLuca

Healthcare professionals are calling for Paid Family Leave!

All nurses, doctors and health care professionals swear an oath to care for their patients by aiding them when they’re sick, alleviating pain where they can, and promoting good health. So it comes as no surprise that more and more Mainers in the healthcare sector are coming together to advocate for a robust Paid Family and Medical Leave program in Maine.

Healthcare professionals like Emma, a postpartum nurse in Portland, are making their voices heard. "It is devastating for me to watch my patients go back to work two weeks after a C-section, when the recovery time is six weeks," she said.

Registered Nurse Sadie Tirrell also shared her thoughts on the importance of having a strong PFML policy in Maine. "Paid Leave will be a crucial part of maintaining a healthy community, especially going forward with the aging population in Maine," she said.

Healthcare practitioners across the state have joined our call for Paid Family and Medical Leave in Maine. That’s because the data is clear: a strong PFML policy would allow patients to live a healthier life by helping them balance work with their healthcare needs and those of their family members.

No Mainer should be forced to choose between taking care of themselves or their loved ones and making ends meet. That’s why we need our legislators and the Governor to act by supporting the creation of a robust Paid Family and Medical Leave program in Maine this legislative session.Sign here to join our petition for Paid Family and Medical Leave if you are a healthcare professional in Maine!

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