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  • Caitlin DeLuca

For affordable & quality healthcare, Maine must continue the Health Insurance Assessment

There is a simple solution for Maine leaders to make healthcare more affordable for working families – all it takes is continuing a small fee to big, for-profit health insurance companies; a fee they've been paying since 2014.

By ending the federal health insurance assessment (HIA), former President Trump ensured that the for-profit insurance companies scored big – their profits soared while Mainers continued to suffer under high healthcare costs during this pandemic.

But Maine has the option to continue it on the state level, which gives us control over where that revenue is needed most. Click here to read Dr. Rocco Ciocca’s article on how the HIA could make healthcare more affordable.

Several states are already choosing to continue the federal HIA on a state level, which is generating millions in revenue that goes to expanding access to quality healthcare.

“The state-based assessment could help lower the cost of premiums, eliminate out-of-pocket costs and reduce prescription drug costs – all of which have increased,” wrote Dr. Ciocca. “Too many of my patients struggle to keep up with these rising healthcare costs as they’re outpacing wage growth.” Read the full article here.

Nearly 20 percent of Mainers couldn’t afford their medication before the COVID crisis, and more have gone without the care they need because the out-of-pocket costs and premiums were just too high.

Our state leaders and representatives are working hard to get us back on track – the best way to do that is to make sure that every Mainer can access affordable, quality healthcare. Continuing the HIA will help Maine do just that.

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