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  • Quinn Malter

How Can We Support Maine’s Veterans?

Veterans Day is an opportunity to honor the brave people who have served our country. Our veterans gave all of themselves for us, but when they return home, they’re too often left behind. We need to do everything we can to help them readjust to life at home while giving them the time and support they need to heal.

David Katende is one of Maine’s brave veterans who discovered how a lack of Paid Family and Medical Leave left him behind:

“I joined the National Guard, and I enrolled in the University of Southern Maine. I was eventually accepted as a project engineer for Cianbro. I felt like I achieved the American Dream. Then, one of my sisters who still lived in Uganda fell ill. I knew I had to return to care for her. When she recovered, I returned home to Maine. I had no job, and therefore, no insurance…[In Uganda,] paid leave is a given when it comes to caring for family.”

No one should have to choose between their health or their job. Paid Family and Medical Leave will allow everyone to live a better life, while ensuring that our workplaces, schools, and communities stay safe and healthy.


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