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  • Caitlin DeLuca

Lawmakers Work to Curb Crippling Costs of Prescription Drugs

Healthcare costs are out of control. According to a recent survey conducted by Consumers for Affordable Healthcare, more than two-thirds of Mainers say a single major medical event could catapult them into financial disaster. One of the culprits of these crippling out-of-pocket costs are for prescription drugs, with many rationing or going without the medication they need to live healthy lives.

Sen. Camron Reny has introduced a bill to help address the rocketing costs of medication. LD 1829 would require that any prescription drugs that are dispensed or delivered to a consumer in Maine cannot exceed a certain cost. The price will be set at the maximum rate that a drug can cost under Medicare. To ensure that the money these health plans and providers save is put to good use, the bill also lays out that those savings must be used to reduce costs to consumers.

No person should have to ration their medication or go without entirely due to cost. But the costs of medication are soaring, and too many Mainers are put into this position. We cannot afford to drag our feet on this critical issue, and we encourage the Legislature to pass this bill.

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