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  • Caitlin DeLuca

Leadership In Action: Gov. Janet Mills expands rental relief and eviction protections

Today, courts across Maine reopen, and landlords can begin the eviction process for the thousands of Mainers who have struggled to pay rent during the pandemic.

Many Mainers are still struggling financially, and, with extra $600 in federal unemployment benefits ending, evictions put our working families and communities at risk.

The health and safety of our communities relies on the ability for every Mainer to shelter in a safe and secure place, so it’s crucial that every person has access to housing. That’s why we’re grateful that Governor Janet Mills has doubled rental assistance through the MaineHousing program, and expanded eviction protections for Mainers who struggled to meet rent related to the pandemic.

By dedicating $5 million of the Coronavirus Relief Fund to MaineHousing, Mills expanded the rental relief assistance program, which will now provide $1,000 for Mainers who qualify. Mills also signed an executive order that strengthens penalties for landlords who attempt to evict tenants by illegal means (like turning off utilities), and has expanded timeframes for the eviction process for renters.

Thank you, Governor Mills for protecting renters during this crisis, and ensuring that Mainers remain housed.

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