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  • Caitlin DeLuca

Mills' prescription drug affordability vetoes hurt Mainers

Yesterday, Gov. Janet Mills vetoed two bills that would make prescription drugs more affordable for Mainers across the board.

No one should have to choose between life-saving prescription drugs and dinner. No one should have to ration insulin because they can’t afford their co-pay. But right now, that’s the reality for too many Mainers.

With LD 1117 and LD 675, the Maine legislature passed two good, bipartisan bills that would lower the outrageous cost of prescriptions and save Mainers’ lives. But Gov. Janet Mills caved to Big Pharma special interests and vetoed these bills.

Maine cannot wait for the federal government to take decisive action, and shouldn’t have to suffer to protect Big Pharma’s big profits. Our state has an obligation to protect its people, not the bottom line of big drug companies.

If you are outraged, call your state senator and state representative and urge them to stand up for Mainers and override these vetoes.

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