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  • Caitlin DeLuca

New bill to increase teachers’ salaries

This month, Senator Pierce introduced a bill that would allow for a steady increase in teachers' salaries over the next five years.

Here in Maine, teachers’ salaries are the lowest of any New England state. Retirements and resignations are continuing at a steady pace because our teachers are unsupported and facing increased partisan attacks daily.

The bill would increase the minimum salary of teachers yearly starting in 2024 until it reaches $50,000 in 2028. After that, the salary will be multiplied with a cost-of-living adjustment each year to ensure that the minimum salary is fair.

Our teachers are the backbones of our communities. We trust them with our children – as their educators and with their well-being throughout the day. They are more than educators. They’re therapists and role models. They give so much of themselves, and it’s time they are paid what they deserve.

Join us in calling on the Legislature to pass this critical bill!

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