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  • Caitlin DeLuca

Taxes matter – it’s time for the top to pay their fair share

Mainers were facing struggles before this pandemic began. Schools are underfunded. Healthcare costs are sky-high. And our state’s investments in our communities, like infrastructure, childcare, and housing, have fallen behind in the last several years.

Our state’s tax code is part of the problem. While working families and small businesses have been paying their fair share, big corporations and the wealthiest few have received years of tax breaks. No more.

Mainers For Working Families is proud to join the new coalition, Mainers for Tax Fairness.

"We cannot build our state’s recovery on the backs of working families who are struggling to get by," said Speaker Ryan Fecteau, who addressed the Coalition at our launch event. He’s absolutely right.

The way we can recover is by closing corporate tax loopholes and ending the LePage tax cuts for those at the top.

This could not generate enough revenue to fuel our recovery, and put money back where it belongs – with our people and in our communities. Not only that, but we can ensure that our economy is stronger and more equitable for years to come.

Follow Mainers for Tax Fairness on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the coalition!

Taxes matter. They’re how we ensure a good quality of life for every family, and build stronger communities. It’s past time to clean up our tax code.

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