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  • Caitlin DeLuca

69 percent of Mainers believe we should put a two percent wealth tax on net worths over $50 million

Maine is currently facing an economic crisis, with a budget deficit that is projected to reach $538 million by 2021.

While this crisis was brought on by the economic impacts of COVID-19, it was also aided by tax cuts for the wealthiest Mainers and corporations that were provided during Governor LePage’s administration.

Working families and small businesses have been forced to shoulder an unfair tax burden compared to the wealthiest few.

According to a recent poll, Mainers overwhelmingly agree that enough is enough.

In this survey done by Data for Progress, Maine voters were asked their opinion about a wealth tax. Sixty nine percent of Mainers polled said that we should put a two-percent tax on individuals with a net worth over $50 million, while only 24 percent prefer our current tax system.

With a two percent wealth tax, we could increase our funding for essential services, like health care, education and infrastructure. We could also make sure that, as we recover from this crisis, working families aren’t forced to shoulder major tax hikes to pull us through.

Maine voters made their voices heard: it’s important that the wealthiest few pay their fair share in taxes.

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