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  • Caitlin DeLuca

New year, new budget: David Farmer's analysis on what Mainers need from Gov. Mills' 2021 budget

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

COVID-19 has hit Mainers hard, affecting our health and our economy. While we have fared better than most other states due to the leadership of Governor Janet Mills, we know that more help is needed to ensure we pull through.

Gov. Mills and the State Legislature are currently working on Maine’s budget for the new year. Click here to read David Farmer’s column on what Mainers expect from this budget.

Recently, we surveyed a group of Maine voters across the political spectrum to see just what Mainers are looking for from the next budget. The results were clear: when it comes to a balanced budget, a majority of Mainers want increased investment in essential services, and continued support for small businesses and working families.

“The findings...aren’t surprising,” said David Farmer in his recent analysis of the poll. “Most Mainers recognize that during a time of a global emergency, government has a big role to play in making sure that people have enough to eat, a safe place to live and an economic bridge to recovery.” Read David Farmer’s full column here.

According to the poll, four in five Mainers do not support budget cuts to essential services or hiking up property taxes on working families to supplement revenue. An overwhelming majority of Mainers want to see more long-term investment in services like health care, education, and infrastructure. A majority also support policies like closing corporate tax loopholes and repealing tax cuts for the wealthiest few as a way to generate revenue for the state.

“Mainers are clear,” said Farmer. “This is no time for foolish and arbitrary austerity. It’s a time to invest in one another and in our state’s long-term health.”

As Gov. Mills and the State Legislature come together, it’s crucial that they listen to Maine voters, and focus on providing working families with the economic security to stay afloat, without cuts to the services we need most in this crisis.

If you agree that Maine's budget should invest in our essential services and support working families and small businesses, share this article on Facebook and Twitter.

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