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  • Quinn Malter

Do You Have a Voting Plan?

Did you know that people are more likely to vote if they have a plan in place ahead of time? Writing out a voting plan or talking about it with someone lets you understand what you need to know ahead of time to make Election Day a breeze.

So what does a voting plan entail? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Where is your polling place? offers a handy Voter Information Lookup System to help you know for sure. This tool will also show you which candidates are on your ballot.

  • When do you plan to vote? There are a couple of easy ways you can cast your ballot between now and Election Day.

    • If you’re planning to vote early via an in-person absentee ballot, meaning you fill out your absentee ballot at your town clerk’s office, you can do so through November 3.

    • If you plan to vote on Election Day, pick a time that works best for you. Some polling places open as early as 6 AM, and polls close statewide at 8 PM. Check your town website or contact your town clerk to find out when your polling place opens.

  • How are you getting to the polls? Are you walking to the polls or driving yourself there? Are you getting a ride from someone or giving another person a ride? Will you take public transportation? A few things to know:

    • Public transportation in the Greater Portland, Bangor, and Lewiston-Auburn areas has been free on Election Day in the past, and will likely be so again.

    • Uber and Lyft are offering 50% off rides to the polls.

  • Are there actions you need to take to execute your voting plan? Do you need to take time off work or secure childcare in order to cast your vote? If you haven’t voted in Maine before or have recently moved, you may also want to check your voter registration status. Same-day voter registration is available, but make sure you bring your driver's license number or Social Security number and a form of ID with your name and address (a piece of mail addressed to you at your physical address also counts).

Making a voting plan is one of the easiest and most important ways you can prepare yourself to cast your ballot. It’s never been easier to vote in Maine, so make sure you get out and vote on or before November 8!

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