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  • Quinn Malter

Energy Assistance is On the Way for Small Businesses

In response to this year’s massive swing in electric rates, the Maine Legislature and Governor Mills passed LD 2010 – a bill proposed by Senate President Troy Jackson to provide small businesses some relief from high energy costs. This legislation makes tiered credits available for small businesses with high electricity costs based on their usage.

Now the Governor’s office has announced that more than 2,900 small businesses across the state will be receiving these one-time utility assistance credits as part of Governor Mills’ Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan. More than $7 million was invested in this program, meaning each business will receive a credit of at least $2,300 to offset its energy costs.

“Increases in the cost of energy are hurting Maine small businesses, and we are stepping up to help,” said Governor Janet Mills. “This utility credit will provide more than $2,000 in relief to help small businesses deal with higher energy prices, delivering a small measure of relief for our business owners. We will continue to do all we can to help Maine businesses and Maine people deal with high costs.”

“In the middle of an energy crisis driven in part by conflict overseas and corporate greed, we must do everything we can to help small business owners and everyday Maine families. This starts with the tiered energy credit for eligible small businesses,” said Senate President Troy Jackson. “I’m hopeful that this credit will provide some much-needed relief to businesses with higher energy burdens that are an essential part of rural communities like mine."

Thank you to Senator Jackson and Governor Mills for working together to curb electric costs for our small businesses!


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