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  • Yaw Akuffo-Anoff

Patients must come before profit.

The cost of health care is squeezing working families all over the country. One-third of insured adults are finding it difficult to pay their deductible or afford other routine costs.

In Maine, we see this national crisis playing out at the state level. Too many Mainers have to choose between paying rent, buying groceries, or seeing a doctor.

Our state spends more than the national average on health care, and that number continues to increase. One in seven Maine adults have been forced to forgo care due to the cost. But the Maine legislature is trying to do right by Mainers and make healthcare more affordable.

That’s why Mainers for Working Families supports the Patients First health care package.

The Patients First health care package:

  • Allows Maine to take control of skyrocketing health care costs, and holds the health care industry accountable.

  • Puts a stop to surprise medical bills, and other abusive billing practices.

  • Protects Mainers from the skyrocketing prices of life-saving insulin.

We believe that healthcare is a human right, and it should not come at the cost of lost wages or hidden medical bills.

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