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  • Quinn Malter

Speaker Fecteau Champions Career and Technical Education Centers in New Legislation

Speaker of the House Ryan Fecteau introduced legislation on Wednesday to invest in Maine’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center infrastructure. LD 144, “An Act To Fund Capital Improvements to Career and Technical Education Centers and Regions To Bolster Maine's Future Workforce," is designed to upgrade facilities in Maine’s 28 CTE schools, also known as vocational schools, which train students for careers in welding, nursing, computer programming, heating and cooling systems, building trades, early childhood education, automotive technology, and culinary arts. The bill would provide Maine CTE schools with up to $20,000,000 in state funding for needed improvements to equip Maine’s workforce with the tools they need to learn.

In a press release, Speaker Fecteau explained his support for the legislation:

“In Maine, we have the schools, the dedicated educators and driven students. But, in order to meet the needs of our students and our economy, we need to ensure the equipment and infrastructure at these locations are maintained, repaired and replaced. If we want the next generation of Mainers in the trades to have access to good-paying jobs that we know there will be need for, we need to invest in equipment and capital improvements today.

“Many of the careers that our CTEs specialize in provide good-paying jobs to working people. Welders, HVAC installers, machinists, and licensed practical nurses all have median incomes over $40,000. This investment in our CTE system is not merely an investment in equipment, it will serve as a catalyst for economic activity.”

Mainers for Working Families applauds Speaker Fecteau’s leadership. Providing for Maine’s working families starts with guaranteeing access to quality career and technical education, opening the door to well-paying jobs, and meeting our state’s need for a skilled workforce. When our workers have the knowledge and tools they need to succeed, all Mainers benefit.

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